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Please change the Smokescale teleport effect (I'm talking about NPC enemies). It's annyoing.

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Apparently I'm the only one who is bothered by this, or at least bothered enough to finally write about it.

The Smokescales teleport around all the time - appearing for perhaps 1 or 2 frames, then immediately disappearing - the effect is jarring, it's almost making me nauseous to the point that I don't look at the screen anymore.Maybe it's a setting on my computer? Or does it simply not bother anyone?(Like for example apparently the majority like movie with shaky-cam - I think it's an abomination that distracts.)

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@Cyberman Mastermind.6012 said:

@"Haishao.6851" said:It's how they attack.

You mean they're so meta, they don't attack the players character, but the person behind the computer? Ingenious - but fair's fair - I want a debugger and pluck them apart byte by byte.

This comment does not really add anything to this discussion, but I felt compelled to note that your response was easily the best I've seen on these forums in quite a while. I actually vocalized "Wow, that's an awesome response."

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@RoseofGilead.8907 said:Have you tried keeping the camera zoomed out as far as possible? Keeping mine zoomed all the way out takes care of the majority of my motion sickness issues with rapid movement like that.

Hm. I will try that next time. I try to avoid them because they also overwhelm my in physical (not just psychological) combat. But it's a good suggestion, thanks.

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