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Switching episodes erase the progression in the living story

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Problem : Doing an episode from living story (not entirely, step by step), switching to another episode for achievements purpose or helping someone, coming back to the current episode means : loss of the progression.

Steps done to find the bug :

A kindness Repaid (season 4 episode 2) at 100% with achievements.Unlock The Road to Rata Primus. Start the quest (just few talks)Switch to season 4 episode 1.Switch again to season 4 episode 2 :Progression back at : do "A kindness Repaid"

Is it possible to not have to do again and again each instance of the story or being able to pause our progress for other purpose (achievements, helping other) without losing anything ?I don't like the idea to have one character completely stuck in an episode forever (while I wait for my friends).

One question : May I have my progress back or ... ?

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@Ksenia.8017 said:Loose progression in Road to Rata Primus is totaly fine (it's not finished after all). Loose progression for A Kindness Repaid because I switched, it doesn't sound ok (this step is finished).

Be aware: you don't lose the rewards for previous completions, you simply lose any progress this time. So, while @"Inculpatus cedo.9234" is absolutely correct that you can simply visit the purple star to rerun the story without this issue, it also doesn't "hurt" to restart the story and then abandon all progress in terms of any reward already earned.

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