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Suggestion: A storage cupboard for gem store gifts bought to give at a later date

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What I'd love to have is an option to store items bought from the gem store as a gift to then give at a later date.Often times I'd see an item come into the gem store and I think "oh I'd like to buy that for a specific friend/guild member's birthday, but their birthday (or winterfest or any celebration where you may want to send someone a present) is not until a few weeks later" - Of course by that time the item is no longer in the gem store.

What would be nice is a way to purchase gem store items as gifts, and then have them stored in a special bank/cupboard save to give to someone at a later date. Maybe you could even add (purchase for more gems?) wrapping papers/boxes to put the item in before mailing it.

Has anyone else wished for something like this?

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