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Bond of Life - Penalty before Benefit?

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There is something that happened every now and then while using the Bond of Life mount mastery skill and when I looked into it I could quite consistently recreate it. This is what happens:When you use the skill and your mount dies before the health pool is actually swapped you are downed instead of dismounted.So, the penalty for using the skill is applied before the intended main effect. I am not sure if it is supposed to be that way, but since Bond of Life is an "emergency rescue skill" that you are more likely to use when your mount is about to die than at any other time this seems ill-advised at best.

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Sounds like a fine-grained timing bug. I've generally used it to be ready to go through a mob-heavy section without getting dismounted half-way, so the bug doesn't bite me. (That is, prepare for the possibility of taking more damage than the mount can handle BEFORE taking the damage rather than rescuing myself at the last moment possible.)

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