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[NA][PvX][CD] Miscreants at Midnight [MISC] (level 69) is a quirky, family LF semi-pervy geeks


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[NA][PvX][CD] Miscreants at Midnight [MISC] (level 69) is a quirky, intimate family looking for some semi-pervy casual geeks!Miscreants at Midnight [MISC]:

Member Testimonials:

"I feel like this guild is like Mad Moxxi exploded into text" -T, after one hour

"I mean, this is a weird fucking guild" -Z, after many months

"I learned what the sergal in SergalJerk is" -V, after a year

"A rehab for tryharders" -I, after facerolling her keyboard

"Free ice cream" -W, after learning that ice cream is slang for blow job in polish

"I thought the guild rule was no pants?" -D, after being arrested

We are a very small intimate guild of incredibly quirky people. We are looking for more active core members to grow a little with. We have a general "island of misfit toys" feel to our group, and are very fond of each and every member.

Most of us are introverts and socially inept and can be lewd, inappropriate, and overall raucous but we are genuinely interested in every individual succeeding. Please be prepared for this and willing to participate. Sexual jokes are often made but we will not stand for actual harassment of our members.

We are a mature guild, 18+ and the only real qualifications are a good sense of humor and lack of judgementality of others.

Use of discord is required (but you can do listen only for voice portion). We used discord for all of our events planning and general bullshittery. Please be ready to join our community there.

Bonus qualifications are a love of animals and general geekiness.

We are more concerned having quality people than any numbers on a scoreboard or how 'meta' your gear is. We like to help, so if you are new to the game or back after a long period don't feel uncomfortable.

We have been doing some very relaxed and casual, non-meta raiding trying to grasp mechanics with our newer players and comfortable with classes. Our members are mostly pretty experienced players in general, but we want to have a relaxed environment.

We have a small contingency of players on Crystal Desert for WvW and have a good time, but you shouldn't feel obligated to be on here if you don't want to WvW with us.

We are looking for people who can play with us events are primarily during the weekends and/or M-F 8pm EST-11pm EST

We don't require you to represent, but we will prune members that aren't actively part of our community. This is so our community is actual friends, not names on a roster.

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