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Legendary weapon effects

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I just finished bifrost earlier and tried it out on all my staff characters and was noticing that not only were the ones that had effects a little more muted than nevermore but also that certain professions had more spells affected by wielding it.

For example, Druid clearly had some rainbow effects, and daredevil as well though I’d say nevermore might win on that one. But guardian symbols and none of the ele spells had a special effect that I could see. Which seems really odd because even ele staff 5, a literal rain cloud, didn’t have any rainbows. Also Mesmer staff 5 didn’t seem to have anything.

Am I missing something?

Maybe it was just the area I was in or the lighting.

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Bifrost mainly changes only projectiles, which on elementalist mean autoatacks, air 3, earth 5 etc... Nevermore has a unique effect since it spawns ravens on hit(if its a critical) alongside projectiles. Bifrost does not have that.On guardian there is nothing special except for staff skill 2 as far as i know.

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