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underwater, the unbound magic harvesting tool behaves kind of like a "normal" tool

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On land the behaviour of the unbound magic harvesting tool is fairly consistent: you harvest, and it runs the full animation, then returns up to three strikes on the node. In the open world this means one plant resource at the very end of the cycle.

Underwater, for example harvesting seaweed in the big patch in Ember Bay, the behaviour is much more what I think of as a standard harvesting tool: the animation starts, then the resource is delivered, then a bit more time passes before the animation ends.

I'm not really complaining about that, because it means I can move and cancel the animation to harvest faster, but it does seem like a bug where, perhaps, the underwater updates or the changes to make unlimited mining tools may have had unintended consequences for the unbound magic harvesting tool -- and perhaps others.

Alternative possibility: this was always the way it behaved, and I only noticed now because I'm doing more underwater harvesting thanks to that seaweed patch. I don't think this is the case, as I used to harvest the coral nodes in Bitterfrost each time I went through it, like nine months back or something, and I remember it being similar behaviour to the surface harvesting with that specific tool.

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