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how does runes+food+traits anti condition duration stacks


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hello everyone

how the title says it's an information that i would like if someone clears it out....

lets get for example ranger class:it has a trait called "empathic bond" that splits condition duration on yourself 80% and 20% on the pet (of course if pet is alive)then put in a full set of rune like hoelbrak that has -20% condition duration appliedthen get saffron bread that has -20% condition duration....

if it stacks in pure addiction it should become a 40% condition duration on you, correct? (80-20-20 = 40%)a -60% condition duration, if it stacks like that correct?


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I was told that +% condition duration and -% condition duration both affects base condition duration sepperately.So even if you get -100% condition duration and the person applying the Condi on you has any +% condition duration, you will get at minimum that +%.

Answering you additive question is not easy to do since getting additive -100% condition duration would be the easiest way to test it but that is not easy to do. I would recommend you try it yourself in pve agasint crippling mobs using druid with,

Natural StrideEmpathic Bond&Hoelbrak Runes or Saffron Bread

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As far as I can tell (seeing as condi duration modifiers are additive) that will mean you start with 100% duration on you baseline, then -20% from the rune and -20% from the food item, you end up with (100% - 20%×2) 60% of full incoming condition duration.

Remember everything subtracts on an incoming condi application, so say for a 10 sec incoming weakness condition this means it will only tick 6 seconds on you before even the trait kicks in. Adding in the trait, this means the pet will get 20% of your 6 seconds which is 1,2 seconds, and you will get the remaining 4,8 sec (which is effectively a 52% reduction). The reason the trait uses your already lowered condi duration is because it doesn't actually reduce the time - it just splits it.

Also as mentioned above, any modifiers the enemy has (expertise) will be added to your base 100% duration percentage and naturally nullify some of your duration reduction, causing the trait to pull more weight than the other individual effects.

Trust me, I'm a wiki scribe xD

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