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Three golem monte, the impossible chore

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I'm trying for days now to do the three golem monte but It's way too hard for me alone at the last step. On my screen all golems start moving and teleport instantly (like my screen freeze) which makes it impossible to know which golem is the right one.

Any advice on how to succeed on this achievement because it's pure luck for me at the moment... 1 from 12 golems which means it's almost impossible.

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Turn all your graphical settings (except Model Quantity) to lowest so you get the most FPS

Change your Field of View under Camera setting so you zoom all the way out so you see 90% of the entire platform

Get a scissors and cut off everyone else's network cable, disable wifi, so no one can steal your bandwidth

bonus: if you have a big TV or projector, use it as your monitor

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