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[Suggestion] Adding WvW "Fighting against people/zerg" Golem


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Hiho,I`m "new" at WvW. I notice nearly all the time, that golems are nearly useless in zerg fights or attacking with active defence. When a grp/zerg attacks the main keep, the existing golems port nearly allways to the spawn. I know, that the existing golem is nearly just for siege. But I wonder, what happends to a big zerg, if the golem can push and kill as a dervish scythe M.O.X. in Guild Wars. My suggestion is:

A melee CC golem with: (with breakbar)1: Double fist: "The Old One-Two" from the "Haywire Punch-o-Matic Battle" Hugh CC / low dps2: Spinning attack with high dps at ppl.3: The spomb attack like from the rifle from the engi. That can do damage and push the enemy down, if they dont have stabilisation.4: Conditions to Boons / Refresh all Cooldowns5: Exit from the Golem

Or maybe a totally different golem like a support / healing / protection.

What do you think about that?

Kind regardsMadjoh

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