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Learning to love PoF


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When I first logged in, I wondered.... Where the hell are the hero points. I spent time in map chat trying to figure it out getting unhelpful responses. I was angry, and a few beers deep besides. I've never much liked open world pve, and have always preferred every other aspect of the game.

When HoT came out, I remember the experience of showing up in a new map, and blitzing around collecting hero points like lightning (other than the few hidden lines, bugged or difficult ones) I was able to unlock all 9(or 13 if you count my doubles) of my guys in a week or two of playing after work, and I missed that lighting progression when I logged in to PoF.

But then, I found a few her points. I got a few mastery levels and got my raptor running and jumping.... And I found that I loved the wrong parts of HoT. Because of that lighting progression, I never really delved into the maps, or the story. And PoF has inspired me to do just that. Now that I'm at peace with the "grind" of it, it's amazingly fun. The maps are breathtakingly gorgeous. And while the events are lackluster (broadly) and some of the mastery points are incredibly infuriating.... The overall effect is amazingly cool.

I'm loving trying to make my Weaver work. I'm loving my raptor. I'm even loving running around solving hearts.

I just wish the rest of the game felt like PoF. Then I would have loved open world PvE this whole time, and wouldn't have started what should have been a great experience with too many grains of salt.

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I certainly miss the character of the Heart of Thorns maps, they felt really unique and it really worked for Verdant Brink. I only recently got Heart of Thorns and I already miss Verdant Brink compared to the new maps, but the new maps aren't bad. They just feel more normal (which can be good, too).

I just finished the story and I'm happy with Path of Fire overall. It's kinda funny to me because I'm usually really cynical about this game, but I've been seeing a lot of the opposite opinion. That happens to me a lot though. The mounts feel fluid (except some issues with the Springer) and almost as natural an addition to the game as gliding felt to me. I was a bit nervous about the story at first, but I ended up really liking it. I think it had a much better flow than last time, was more committed to answering the questions that it brought up (or inherited from previous plots), and had a pretty cool ending that wasn't anywhere near as frustrating as last time.

Like usual, knowing that the Mastery progress I make on my main character only makes things easier on my alts is awesome, the only downside to alt progression is how spread out the Hero Points are this time. I ran a new character through Heart of Thorns zones prior to Path of Fire's launch to catch them up on skill points so they could get their Elite Specialization. It's the one thing in the game that almost has a level cap increase feel to it, and I wish it was a little easier to catch new characters up on Hero Points.

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