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[EU]LF raiding guild (to clear Dhuum CM or weekly clear)

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Hello all, i'm a returning player (2 months stop) who's looking for a guild or for a group that want to do training of Dhuum CM.I cleared all the bosses and all the CMs except the Dhuum's one; i usually play in the evening and sometimes in the morning or in the afternoon (depends on university and work).As you may have noticed i'm not english, in fact i'm from Italy (UTC+2) and i'm trying to learn a more fluent english in order to communicate better.I've got a microphone and TS/discord, my main is a chronomancer with whom i've done about 600LI and all the bosses, dhuum included(both as tank and dps), atm i'm trying to learn other classes (i've got almost all them equipped).If someone's interested please let me know or contact me (In game: Sider static, Shadowind.1342)

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