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We need better loot from kills &Easy way to fix.


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Loot from players kills is baaaad. Baaaaaaaaad. Very bad.

You get ocasionaly a heavy bag and always some greens which clutter the inventory.

Here is an idea to improve loot without making an highly complex loot tables:

  • Every single player killed gives you a heavy loot bag.
  • by rank of player killed you get one type of statuille. The more rank the player has the more coins you can sell it for.
  • And some coins based in the time the player is being alive. Same as experience but with silver/copper.
  • Random chance to get a green or blue so we still keep the chance to get a precursor/exotic or ascended from a kill.

And remove the rest.

As such you get to know from your expoils

  • how many players you tagged that evening (bags)
  • Ranks of players killed (statuilles)
  • Some liquid gold
  • Some random stuff.

Still you need bags becaus of the diferent statuilles and greens (and the reward tracks) but because of the secures loot you incentivize players to interact.

What do you think?

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I think the badges and heroics should be tradeable for stuff like obsidian shards or, even better, larger portions of map completes in the regular maps, hot map and pof maps so I could farm a large portion of the legendary grind via wvw without ever having to do pve or map completions.

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As long as siege damage contributes to getting loot, as well as just tagging enemies for 1k damage or so (on top of supporting allies), rewards shouldn't be changed.

The last thing wvw needs is brainless pve farmers such as gs mirage, ft engi or sb thief. There are plenty of such farms in pve, if you want loot for tagging enemies, go there.

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@"Ayrilana.1396" said:It’ll lead to people grouping up and just farming each other similar to what occurred years ago in OS.

Exactly this will happen if loot bags are connected to player kills only.

I think the "Mist wrapped" loot boxes from the skirmish chests would be an excellent way to give WvW focused players better loot that could either be used (materials or salvages) or turned into coin by selling the materials. To achieve this you would have to replace the green bags with the rare bags and perhaps add a few here and there on some reward track spots. By adding a few more Mystic coins to the Skirmish chests (currently there are final chests that don't give you any Mystic Coins) you could give WvW players another rare currency to either use (making Legendaries) or sell on the TP.

Skirmish chests are a way to reward general gameplay in WvW (including roaming, scouting and taking care of structures), rewards for player kills only touch a part of the WvW activities.

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If kills were tied to just whomever had the killing blow, or whoever got a stomp off, then sure maybe could think about dropping guaranteed rewards on each kill, but because of shared credit in which 50 people could get loot off one dead player, they have to avoid giving out loot like candy otherwise you will end up with players just exchanging kills for loot.

Now the interesting part to me here is a statuette dropping and having a value of the person's rank, maybe tie it to getting a stomp off which can rarely be done in zerg battles. But again, trading kills will become a thing, so again everything dropped from a player will need to be random and your guaranteed loot comes from reward track and skirmish chests.

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Bad loot from players? How about Runescape's wildy loot system - LOSE EVERYTHING ON DEATH! That way you can farm the PvE noobs and take their Eternity, Ad Infinitum etc.

All jokes aside... you do realise the possibility of players abusing the system? It'll be like OS farm back in the day... large groups of players killing each other for everything you just listed (gold, heavy loots bags, statuilles). There are players out there with multiple accounts who might use their 'main' with let's say, Diamond rank and just use one of their alts to farm it for the statuille.

I think it would be cool to have a guaranteed heavy loot bag drop from players but maybe introduce a vendor that lets you trade in those loot bags for specific things. Unfortunately, this system already exists with WvW related currencies like Tributes, Proofs/Testimonies, BoH etc. In all honesty I'd be in favor of 'buffing' existing currencies and adding to the table of things you can buy with them.

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I hate to say it, increasing the loot from players is a bad idea.First of all, the heavy loot bag would be devalued further if it became too common of a drop -- certainly more than the sum of its parts due to the random nature of the bag's drops -- which would defeat the purpose of increasing its drop rate.The big issue, however, as some people already stated is how abusable it would become if the drops from enemy players became too good.I like the fact that a good portion of the rewards comes from time invested into the gamemode via skirmish chests and reward track loot. This means no matter how you're contributing, you're getting a steady amount of loot. Scouts & havoc'ers don't get screwed quite as much due to the nature of their contribution.

If we're going to "better" the loot from any aspect of this game, we should be looking at the skirmish chests and reward tracks. While I don't pvp all that often I hear its much more profitable as there are frequent raw gold rewards. Why is that not a thing here?

~ Kovu

Edit- Tack 50s onto each rank up chest. It won't kill the economy, but will add up for people who invest a good amount of time into the gamemode.

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