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[EU][PvE] Hound of Abaddon [HoA] Looking for active friends! 18+ :)

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Another bump :3

If you join us on Discord and you're immediately kicked, as in the very second you join, do join again. We've had some issues with spam accounts joining the server and spamming advertisements, this is to ensure members don't get privately messaged with spam.

Lastly regarding our raids, we're currently voting as a community on the best time/day for raids :3 So it'll be happening soon ^^,

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Bumping for Abaddon's Sake :)

Some updates - Raids are now happening on Wednesday and Saturday Evenings @ 7PM UTC, starts on Wednesday with it continuing on Saturday.Guild Missions starting up again, not sure how often these will occur though, but we're doing one tonight @ 6PM UTC.

Fun - Fact:UTC and Server Time is the same ~ On European Servers at least :)

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