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[EU][PvX] Hound of Abaddon [HoA] is Rebuilding and needs your help!

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For those seeing the bumps...

We encourage you to take initiative, to organize events (whether spontaneous or planned), to hop on to voice or even use the text channels available, to socialize with others :)You do not have to be an Officer or have a high rank in order to do any of these things.If you want to organize something that requires more planning or assistance from Officers, feel free to message us and we'll help you to the best of our abilities :)

Lastly the idea behind Hound of Abaddon, is too have someone to play with, regardless of what you feel like playing :)

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Welcome to the Guild @Calligular.7534 :D

We're still looking for new members to join :3

And hopefully you're the type of person that likes organizing things (like anyone wanna join for fractals? etc.) Cause if you're not, you'll be in a guild with other just like you and you'll eventually leave because no one is organizing anything :D This paints us in a really bad light, we do have some members that organize things. But if you're not going to be vocal about wanting to join it or read through announcements and such, then you're not going to enjoy it here ;3

Anywho, here's another bump.

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Another bump :3 We're still actively recruiting new members :)

Please be aware that most of us are back at work, so if you do join and you're not assisted immediately, at least make your presence known by pinging the @Staff role and someone will get back to you as soon as possible :)

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Another bump :D We're always looking for new members, regardless of your skill level :)

A lot of people joining about specific things, Raids have somewhat died down. We're still looking at starting that up again, however we need more people that are interested.

Most of us are doing Fractals frequently in pre-determined groups :3

Guild Missions are no longer organized on Thursday evenings. I will host them On Saturdays, early afternoon. No time set yet.

PvP isn't something we really do, however we have a few brave souls that will tackle pvp for Guild Missions.

Not sure about WvW, but with us not all being on the same server. This is probably a no :P

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Bumping for Abaddon's Sake :)

We held a Christmassy Fashion Wars event last month, here are the podium finishes, ordered 1st, 2nd and 3rd.Prizes were sponsored by guild members, mostly weapon skins.

Jormag's Corruption:https://www.instagram.com/p/B7dYE0lnpmD/

Daddy Santa coming to Hoelbrak:https://www.instagram.com/p/B7WIg0iDmB6/

I am a Christmas Tree:https://www.instagram.com/p/B7ONzHTn3zX/

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  • Frenzy.7391 changed the title to [EU][PvX] Hound of Abaddon [HoA] is Rebuilding and needs your help!

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