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Lets Take a Vote On what we want to see for Next Season For Rank Que


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@rank eleven monk.9502 said:

@zoopop.5630 said:@"Ben Phongluangtham.1065" with over 70 votes... seem like team rank has had the most votes.Don't be ridiculous. We have these votes every week and this is the first time teamq took over by like 2 votes. Currently it reflects the opinion of a vocal minority who come here to complain, while we have 1000+ pvp players outside the forums.

Also a few more examples from here, with 3 times amount the votes:


And I could go on... You just waited for the moment when teamq took over. It hardly justifies changing it.

edit: also the vote is very tricky here, as removing duoq below 1600 and keeping the things as now are essentially the same answers. If you add them it overwhelms teamq by far.

Don't be ridiculous.

Those polls are essentially 50-50 either way.

I fail to see how ignoring 50% of your players is a good thing. Not to mention, if team players are such a vocal minority, it would stand that you'd fight them far and few between. Hence the "issue" wouldn't be as big as you think.

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Give teams looking to play competitively a vehicle to do so, but don't make it part of the public que system. Just create a registry where teams can register as "looking for challengers" or something and let other teams browse and challenge. Once a match has been accepted, proceed into the map voting. Ranking teams is easy as you only have to use the win/loss record...you know, like sports.

I understand the desire for people to just log in as a team and que up, it's easy and you can always do it, but what you end up playing against is not another organized team so what's the value in it? It doesn't tell you how good your team is.

City of Heroes did something similar to this with the arena, and although that game was extremely flawed in many areas, the PvP forums were full of teams looking to schedule matches, recruit players to round out their rosters, and players looking to join teams. Then you could go in and spectate the matches if you knew what time it was happening and wanted to watch. Everybody knew who the best teams were, which is what anyone interested in competitive team play is chasing anyway, and the community was pretty strong for a short while.

If you're not after competition and just want to play PvP with your friends, then the system is still there to use and you don't have to face off against teams you know are just going to roll you.

In any case, I think team play is best left in the hands of the players. The development team needs to only provide the infrastructure, not the structure. Players will figure out how to use it.

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