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New from Texas looking for guild or people to play with

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@Lourageous.1089 said:Hey guys,I am about a month into the game. I have bought the full version. I am from Texas and I was just looking for people or guild either in Texas or in the central time zone to hang out with and play.

Hello Lourageous,even though I am not from the Central timezone in the USA I am in the Eastern Timezone of the USA if your interested in joining my guild the (CIS) Confederacy of Independent Systems (yes it's based on the battledroid armies from star wars) you are more then welcome to join we do |RIBA/ARBY's (SW farm)|Fractals|Bounty Trains|World v World (SBI server) I play on the NA server. If you want a guild invite just let me know via your post or in game via mail thanks!

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