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What does Envoy armor have to do with the Envoys?


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Only similarity I can really see is in the collection descriptions:

The envoys shepherd the souls of the dead to their place in the Underworld. By studying spiritual energy, you may learn their secrets and start your journey towards building a truly legendary set of armor.

To improve your Envoy Armor, it will take an incredible amount of aspected magical energy collected from across Tyria and the Mists.

Which basically seems to mean that the envoys were inspiration for what to study to create the legendary armor from an in-character perspective.

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@"maddoctor.2738" said:Guild Wars 1 wiki link:https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Envoy

Is there a connection between the Envoys and Envoy armor or just a randomly chosen name from the lore?

Yeah, I think they missed a trick on this one, I mean some of the collections have somewhat to do with spiritual energy like Gorseval, but conceptually it’s doesn’t seem all that connected to the Envoys at all. The armor themselves don’t have any resemblance to the Envoys found in Factions story line either.


Honestly the Armor is more connected to the White Mantle and Mursaat and should of been called perfected Janthir Armor.

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