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Voiceover lines from Guild Chat: Narrative and Voiceover [spoilers/rumours]


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So in this Guild Chat we could hear some samples from I guess Episode 3 voicelines, maybe other episodes too (?).

PC: "That's enough of that. I'll deal with it, don't go anywhere. The Sunspears will decide what to do with you"- the guy that led the recording says that the voiceactor must act like the cops are coming for somebody; also "Tell him to sit tight"Human NPC: "Quiet, what if he hears you"Gorrik: "Indubitably"Asura NPC: "Access denied" "Access Granted"Taimi: "Me too, gross" "I think the words you're looking for are 'thank you'"

1st lines: are they talking about Kito?- maybe?2nd lines: seems like somebody hides from Joko.3rd line: nothing interesting.4th lines: another Inquest's base?5th lines: I think Taimi talks to Braham.

The lines are out of context, but some of them are really interesting. :D

YT link to them (59:53):

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