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GW2 Story - When will the bad guys win?

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I'd argue that the whole GW series has been nothing BUT a slow downward spiral of the bad guys winning. Even supposed 'victories' for the heroes are quickly undone or used against them.

GW1, we beat the Lich and Shiro only to find out that they are puppets of a dark god. We slay the dark god, only to find that by our own actions the balance of magic is now spiralling into chaos, triggering/speeding up the awakening of the dragons. Come GW2, we kill 2 dragons only to discover that we just messed everything up even more. I think heroic types should sit down and not touch anything, because we are more destructive than any 'villain' thus far!

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@Dreygor.8597 said:@ReaverKane.7598

She's only the most annoying character ever. But I suppose that's a discussion, in other threads, already long hashed out.

Edit: Add to the list of deceased that is, heh.

Well, i guess for some people it might be! I think it's one of the best characters in the game. If i had to choose between her and every single member of dragon's watch, i'd pause for Canach and Rytlock, but any other i'd let them fall off the cliff.

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