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[Suggestion] Tome for V.I.P. Passes, please!

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Now that I acquired my third one (for the Mistlock Sanctuary), I feel that a tome for all those passes would be a huge relief for many people. :+1:.P.S. Off-topic: Still hoping for the ["historical Lion's Arch" V.I.P. area](https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/31663/new-vip-area-historical-lions-arch-like-the-mistlock-sanctuary ""historical Lion's Arch" V.I.P. area"). ;)

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I have specifically not bought passes because of storage issues. I have DR and Lily in my shared slots and Airship on some alt or other (never use that pass) and nifty as the other areas may be, any non-redundant utility they offer just isn't worth using slots.

This feedback has been made many times, so hopefully ANet is aware they're losing money and will offer some relief to the inventory issues.

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No way! Even if you bundle these VIP passes in one bundle, that's still too many teleport items even if you have all shared inventory slots.

ALL teleporters should go in one panel. ALL of them.

That goes for all teleporters. All Portal Scrolls and even the Teleport to friend.

I want a panel you can open with an icon somewhere inside or around the chat panel, that has tabs for all these things you'd want to bring with yourself but are too many to keep in shared slots, so they can be unlocked for the account instead carried around, leaving room in shared slots for other stuff like food, boosters, and permanent contracts:

  • Socialization panel
    • First tab: Emotes. This would have an icon for each emote. The name of each icon would be the slash command for the emote, like /bow and /dance. Clicking the icons would start the emote. There would also be two toggle buttons @ and * to make the emotes used sync or targeted. Slash commands would still work, this would be just a way to see them all in-game in a list and start them without slash commands.
      • Items that cause emotes like "How to Dance Volume 1" and the Dhuum Throne tonic would become unlocks that can be added to this plane by right clicking them and choosing "Add to wardrobe".
    • Second tab: Toys. Here all fun gizmos would be added. Instruments, music boxes, costume brawl weapons, travel toys, kites, shareable toys, etc. As long as it's everlasting, it can be added here.
    • Third tab: Tonics. Here all everlasting tonics would be added. Usable from the panel after consuming the tonic to unlock it.
      • Tonics that become account bound when used will no longer do that and the 'box' that makes the account bound tonic will no longer be used, getting the tonic directly. Juts like minis, they would be usable before unlocking and stay tradable so you can try them, but to unlock them they are consumed in the process.
      • Unlocking a tonic that has several possible random forms would unlock all those forms individually.
    • Fourth tab: Teleport scrolls. I say that "going places" is a social thing too.
      • In this fourth tab all everlasting teleporting scrolls would be added.
      • Scrolls that can teleport to multiple places would unlock them all separately.
      • This would include ALL Portal Scrolls, even Hall of monuments portal stone, Spearmarshal's Plea, Exalted Portal Stone, Noran's Safe Room Pass, and Bitterfrost Vantage Point, not just gemstore scrolls and living world scrolls.
      • For the bundled living world scrolls, they would either refund the cost of buying the bundler when used to unlock, or require the bundled form to unlock all of them, so the currency spent on it isn't wasted.
      • Southsun, Dry Top, and Silverwastes could get their own scrolls too.
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I would like a pass holder for the gemstore passes and the map passes. So far I have 3 permanent passes (Royal Terrace, Mistlock and Lily) taking up 3 slots and I have two map pass holders with their sets of map passes inside. That’s 5 slots for Passes and there will be more as more maps are made, plus probable additional Gemstore passes such as the Lily for new Expansions.

To say it’s getting unwieldy is to put it mildly.

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I agree.

I only have 1 VIP pass (Lily of the Elon) and none of the map passes (except the one to the Griffon sanctuary) but part of the reason for that is because if I got them I'd have to store them. The functionality is tempting sometimes, but it just doesn't seem worth using up the inventory space. If there was a way to collect all the teleport items together into one slot I'd be much more likely to buy more of them.

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