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Fractal Chrono Perma Quickness and Alacrity Rotation


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Hi everyone - all the builds and guides and video tutorials I see are pre February patch where they removed quickness from Tides of Time which seemed to be key to getting quickness shared with your group. What is the new rotation required to keep quickness and alacrity on my team during fractal/dungeon runs?

I think my build is correct(?) but not sure of the rotation to get quickness added in: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhAQNAs+dnsICFohlfC+fCEgiFVjqOZn2q9MIWipjMAGhiD-jhSBQB8b/hro04iKzok6LT8BAAgTCAJVCiHtC3THwBVhIAwBgzDIEATA-e

Any help apprecriated!

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Hey there! I don't know where you have been looking, but Snow Crows have had the updated builds shorty after the February patch went live. You can check it here and pick the build you feel suits you the best. https://snowcrows.com/

The February patch didnt just removed quickness from Tides of Time, it also made a pretty huge overhaul on chrono and mesmer, as a whole - most notably making Alacrity a boon, instead of a Combat Enhancement and reworking most traits related to it and also changing how Phantasms function. The build you have linked is pretty outdated. Right now you want to swap 'All is Well that Ends Well' for 'Time Catches Up' and 'Chronophantasma' for 'Seize the Moment'. The reason for the first being is that Wells no longer grand an Alacrity tick from 'All is Well that Ends Well' when they exprire and 'Seize the Moment' is now your main trait to fill the quickness gap between your CS rotations. ' Seize the Moment' and 'Flow of Time' is now how you maintain perma quickness/alacrity.

The opening rotation is still the same, albeit you need to delay it a bit, until you build up your clones - You start with Sword 3, Phantasmal Swordsman (or Warden depending on your weapon setup), - weapon swap - Echno of Memory, follow by Deja Vu (if you get a block), Tides of Time and CS midcast - WoA, WoR, SoI, then another weapon swap and rince and repeat. What changed now is that you need to shatter, instead of upkeeping 3 phantasms up, since phantasms do not persist any longer. Instead they attack once and turn into clones. That's when you shatter them to proc 'Seize the Moment' and 'Flow of Time'. Making use of those two traits and filling the gap with your Wells will let you upkeep perma quickness/alacrity until your next CS. Keep in mind that when your CS cd is low you should stop shattering, so you can build up 3 clones to get a full time CS rotation.

The main thing to keep in mind is illusion shattering. You no longer upkeep phantasms, but clones and you want to shatter those to keep yourself pump on quickness and alacrity and share with your squad.

Hope this help and goold luck. SC have also the written rotation on their website, if you want a bit more clarity on all changes. Personally for Fractals Chaos support variant instead of Domination is great, especially if you are running t4's and CM's with pug groups. If you are running with static I would go for something that mix/max dps along with upkeeping quickness/alacrity up.

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