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[EU] Five Rebels a small PVP/pvx guild are recruiting


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five rebels [FIVE] a small international PVP/pvx guild are looking for more english or afrikaans speaking players to join uswe don’t expect 100% representation - only when joining in guild eventswe do appreciate guild members to join in guild chats and events whenever possiblethis is an adult guild so we understand when someone needs to rage about somethingwe are based on the euro servers – AG server for the wvw memberswe are currently [22.9.2017] a lvl 20 guildhall with 90 members – so we appreciate it when members once they have joined that help us with the lvl.ing of our guildhall and recruiting of new members whenever they canwe are currently in alliance with another small guild [boondog saints] and often do guild missions togetherwe usually get busy [GMT+2] from 18h00we have our own channel on teamspeak when doing – PVP,pvx [ whatever the online members feel like doing at that time]if we get enough members wanting to do something specific on a certain day/time we put it into the guild message box and then all can join that wants towe expect all members to be respectful to everyone and to remember that we where ALL new players at one time so we like to help new players wherever we canwe only have 3 ranks [ 1.leader, 2.commander, 3.rebel]– and everyone has the authority to send out guild invitesif you are interested in joining us – send me an in game e-mail – with your full account name ie: [joe somebody.1234]have fun!

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