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[Poll] Weapon for the next Ranger Elite Specialization


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@doogal.9368 said:

@Pedro Sequeira.3198 said:Would love the ranger to take on the aspect of a stealthy hunter, kind of like the Predator or even Rengar from LoL. Doesn't have to be like a thief, want it to bemore like a patient hunter, ya know? Totally clueless on what weapon to choose tho, love all the ideas :P

Read a really interesting weapon idea for Theif.Whip.

I've been trying to land a patient hunter gameplay with LB. It's the only thing that feels right to me regarding LB open world. (cue the choking gas + glass arrows!)

I guess it is not Impossible to do it with LB, but i want something truly stealthy with utilities oriented towards that playstyle. If we can't have that i want an unrelenting Warden with hammer works for me hehe

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@Kodama.6453 said:

@Merzhin Hudour.4698 said:Let's be crazy and imagine Rangers would use Bowswords. a totally new weapon which combines longbow with greatsword, a bit like Squall's gunblade in final fantasy.

Excuse me, what? A gunblade I know how that works, but how the hell do you combine a greatsword with a longbow and make a functioning weapon?!

What about a Greatsword and a Rifle? I still like better the hammer with spirit pets and it's called the Shamman to infuse his faith in the non believers by the reasons of his hammer.Hammer with all ranged AoE leaps so it looks like it's jumping from place to place. And not targetable spirit pets to empower self and allies which doesn't attack offers different buff and special effects to the shamman . F skills are moved into different spirit pets so it can switch between different kind of pets.

  • Weapon leaps with strong focus AoE effects. Some ground targeted (long leap) some need a target (short leap) . Leaps are not evading and do not animation lock the player.

  • Spirit Pets are buffs to self. 20s global CD to swap spirit pet F1-F4, Provide an always on effect (1 condition on attack/ extra 10% damage/heal ticks ) to make up for the lost damage and additional attacks from the pet. Also like normal pets while on combat different skills are cast by the AI on ICD on active target or the ranger to make up for the lack of the pet. Spirit pets are unkillable and untargetable.

  • Totems are for squad combat. Totems are ranged(1200) are killable, have an AoE with an initial effect and pulsing effects. Strong effects and Big CD if not retrieved. Idea is to make players to choose into prioritizing Totems or ranger , this is to make up for the lost of an additional target for the pet. Otherwise totems despawn at 60s or when the shamman os more than 3000 units away from them.

  • This change how the shamman plays compared to ranger/druid/soulbeast. Oriented to melee combat with sustained damage and support in mind. Main Heal for self pass to go the spirit pet (AI).

  • This is feasible if one of the spirit pets works this way: small constant heal ticks / heal when shamman is under 75% health every 20s + regeneration / self ress when is downed every 180s.

  • Sustain pet could apply protection when hit / 2 cleanses (similar to evasive purity) every 10s / stability + stunbreak every 30s when stunned.

  • Rest of the pets follow similar design for other aspects like condition builds, power builds.

Totem Examples (no elites):Storm crow's Totem: Initial pulse apply stun up to 10 targets. Pulses cause confusion and direct damage up to 10 targets in the 600 area . CD 120s / 60s.Snow bear's Totem: Initial pulse apply stability. Pulses apply heal, protection and cleanse conditions. CD 90 / 45.Traits can increase HP and toughness of the totem so it's more difficult to destroy. Other trait can reduce the totems base CDs. Other trait can increase the spirit pet effects. Other trait can reduce hammer CDs and increase target cap.

And there you have an extremely fun new spec for ranger.

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