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Game crashes 20+ times in Story Mode

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Here (below) is my ticket, but what i want to know is it normal to have this many crashes in the story mode for a game that has been released for 4+ years????? I regret spending money on this, poor quality product.

My ticket:

Olympeus.3846Today at 09:07I recently purchased the $80 path of fire deluxe edition but my game repeatedly crashes during story mode. Currently on "Victory or Death" Chapter after i defeat the mouth of Zaitan the game crashes after the helicopters drop in. Code=7:11:3:191:101.

This has happened 5 times in a row not at that spot. Prior to this the game has crashed some 20+ times in story mode and another 10+ times outside of story mode.

I want a full refund to my credit card on the $80 I spent immediately so I can uninstall this game.

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It would help more if you provided some information regarding the crashes such as the full message log. The game itself is very stable, more often than not the issue comes from other software installed on your system, drivers or faulty hardware.

I play the game regularly 3-4 hours every evening after work and about 8 hours on weekend days, no crashes.

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That's not a crash, that's getting disconnected from the server. Some people have problems at certain points in the story, where they have a high chance of being disconnected. There are many different causes. Some people have confirmed it was their ISP causing it for example, one found it was caused by software, and in some cases it was caused by the router. Using a VPN generally fixes it, but not for everyone. For free ones, TunnelBear is a popular choice, while support recommends proXPN.

As a potential workaround, you can try minimizing the game prior to the point where you're getting disconnected, tabbing back once the scene is over.

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@"Olympeus.3846" said:Still no response from Arena Net other than a moderator reaching out to politely ask me to "refrain" from seeking help for technical issues on the forums. Awesome.

Whatever they asked you, it was more nuanced than "don't ask for help on technical issues on the forums", which is an absolutely acceptable use of the forums.

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