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[PoF] Re-occuring bugs with Hearts

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So many hearts quests are constantly bugged, and once they get fixed, they bug out again with the next update. Why is that?

A few examples:

  • Lommuld Kraal (Desert Highlands): half of the untrained pets cannot be interacted with in order to turn them hostile and "train" them
  • Ebele (Elon Riverlands): the piles of loose sand next to the supply caches refuse to spawn rats (who carry the supplies needed to fill the caches)
  • Djiin Enclave (The Desolation): being unable to attack the tormented remnant dust devils with your jackal mount (this is actually currently working for a change)
  • Garden of Seborhin (Vabbi): most of the actors, whose mood for the scene you need to judge, has either broken dialogue (which doesn't show, yet the timer is running) or cannot be interacted with
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