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Buggiest Class In Game

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Easily engineer. I've never seen a class with so many weird bugs and design choices. Scrapper itself was a broken mess after they "buffed" it because it was so bugged (function gyro breaking finishers, Adaptive Armor malfunctioning, etc). Core engineer still suffers from numerous bugs that have existed since launch. Even Holo isn't free from bugs that affect Photon Forge. There's several threads active on the engineer subforum detailing weird design choices and bugs:

That's just on the first page of the engineer subforum. Plenty of things that aren't technically bugs but bad design choices (such as gyro AI) aren't even on here. The wiki pages for many of our skills also include all sorts of bugs in the notes:

And that's not including weird design choices included in traits like Static Discharge.

In other words, engineer as a whole class feels like an experiment where ArenaNet puts their one-off ideas and never really follows through on them. Lots of weird ideas that fizzled or proven pointless have found their way onto engineer. True to its name, the profession is held together by duct tape and baling wire.

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Engineer is one of the buggiest professions. Maybe not the buggiest, but it's certainly one of top 3 buggiest professions.

The scrappers' gyros are the most known for being buggy in terms of path finding, breaking finishers etc.

Core engineer is the profession I've been playing for 5 years and it makes me sad that ArenaNet has done nothing to fix the issues that have been present since launch. These bugs include:

• Magnet from Tool Kit - doesn't always pull targets all the way. By far the most common bug and it has happened to me plenty of times.• Cleansing Field from Med Kit - as much as I love the rework the Med Kit got, the water field is created behind you at the end of the cast time if you're running forward.• Glob Shot from Elixir Gun - it sometimes doesn't bounce on multiple enemies and you have to be within 400 range to get the swiftness boon, not 900.• Detonate Mines - an explosives skill that doesn't benefit from the Shrapnel trait.• Cast times on weapons that do not reflect what's written on their tooltips.

There's a lot of things that ArenaNet has to fix for the engineer, especially core engineer. Another thing that they should do is remove game changing traits like Grenadier as it's one of the worst design choices for a trait. The reason why it's game changing is that if you ever play core engineer and you use the Grenade Kit, you MUST use this trait because it affects the projectile velocity and explosion radius, something that other professions don't have. They don't have traits that literally change the way to play your profession.

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I thought I'd seen it all until a DH pulled me up into the sky for an aerial one-shot way back in HoT.

Ranger LB4 into the walls is also pretty ridiculous, but I think Guard can do that too with GS pull, Shield push, and Hammer launch. The consistency is rather high since I've seen all three happen as well...

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