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paying for help claiming solo guild hall.

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Hello I have a solo guild and I was able to buy the expedition to start the quest to claim a guild hall. But I can't do it solo, tried many times, tried utilizing the LFG and asking map chat, so I figure'd id go on the forums. I'm on all day today so anytime. I am on EST and on NA server. I just converted 9k gems to gold, so tell me how much you want to help me out and its yours.

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@Fluffball.8307 said:

@Fluffball.8307 said:I'll help for no gold but you need to promise me your soul (or not, if you're religious). If you see me online I'll give you a hand. Someone will probably help you before then knowing this forum.

Acai lived

I'm not following what you're saying. I know Acai as a fruit. :#

It means I will promise you my soul.

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I'd love to help out (no gold needed) but unfortunately I'm on EU, so I wouldn't be able to :(
I've seen other forum posts that say advertising in LFG with the gold payment helps, so maybe you were unlucky that few people were online that time that you advertised it?

Either way, I really hope you'll find people to help you! I've heard how difficult it can be to claim a guild hall.

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