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MDF: What works and what doesn't


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Greetings fellow Engis-I wanted to share my results from testing out MDF. I had conducted a test similar to this one years ago, but with the recent changes I figured I would share what I found proc's MDF and what doesn't.I conducted the test in the golem area of the Aerodrome using the pulsing damage. I had a guildie of mine take damage with me and I would go through each possible means to trigger a heal on myself to see if MDF healed her. I only used the Inventions trait line unless I needed to test something like Heat Therapy from Holosmith to make sure what I used was truly from MDF only.Anyways here it this list:

Healing skills

Healing Turret (Placement skill) - YesHealing Turret (Overcharge aka Cleansing Burst) - NoMedic Gyro (Scrapper healing skill, initial)- YesMedic Gyro (Scrapper healing skill, Medic Gyro's "Reconstruction" skill, aka "Gyro Heal" on the skill info ) - noElixir H- YesAED (non lethal) - YesAED (lethal) - YesCoolantBlast( Holo Heal, regular ) - YesCoolantBlast( Holo Heal, cooling vapor, triggers when above >50% heat) - YesBandage Self (med kit self heal) - YesVital Burst (Med Kit 4) - Yes


Backpack regenerator (Alchemy Trait) - NoHeat Therapy (Holo Trait) - NoSoothing Detonation (Inventions Trait) - YesCompound Chemicals (Alchemy Trait) - YesRapid Regeneration ( Scrapper trait, either swiftness or super speed heal) - Yes

Other Skills

Super Elixir (Elixir Gun 5, initial and pulse) - YesElixir Shell ( Mortar 5) - Yes


Regen Boon- No


Med Pack Pick up (from elite, supply crate, or otherwise) - YesBarrier- NoWater Field Blast - YesLeap Heal - YesHeal from Sigil of renewal- YesHeal from 6 on rune of water- Yes

Closing Notes

I will say I didn't have every rune nor sigil available that could heal you to test as that is why I only list Sigil of Renewal and the Rune of Water, but I assume that those things are fine. Looking at the list, I could kinda understand that the regen boon nor barrier (since that really isn't 'healing') wouldn't work, but I would figure the others would work out. Backpack Regenerator, HT Overcharge, and Medic Gyro pulse heal didn't work the first time I conducted the test years ago. I suppose my bug report didn't get to the team... or maybe it is intentional?

Anyways, hope this helps all you folks out :smiley:~DragoTheWise

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I think regen food also works, not sure tho. This was a very helpful post and I hope everyhting that says no, other htan barrier is turned into a yes in the enar future

Rapid Regeneration and Heat Therapy affect this trait, as long as the engineer is recovering lost health; Backpack Regenerator, however, does not. ~wikihttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Medical_Dispersion_Field

so either that one is a bug or the wiki is wrong, either way for the sake os consistency heat therapy should work with MDF

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@Ovalkvadratcylinder.9365Yeah a guildie of mine posted that from the wiki soon after I posted the list. Just to be sure, I did Heat Therapy without PBM and I did Heat Therapy with PBM... both have the same results and didn't trigger MDF. I'll see about updating the wiki entry.I totally forgot about regen food, didn't test that. When I have time, I'll check it out :smile:

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@Adamantium.3682I'm not sure.

@guildabd.6529I did a test with sigil of leeching and that proc'd MDF. So I assume that anything with life leech is able to proc it. Good to know!Also, sigil of water works with MDF too.

Additional fun fact: The Thief's Skelk Venom will proc MDF.

If anything I hope at least Heat Therapy gets fixed. I think it would add another nice layer to the balance of heat.

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@Vagrant.7206 said:@"Ben Phongluangtham.1065"

Need your word on this one. These are inconsistent behaviors with a trait that would be nice to see addressed, and would go a long way towards making heal engi viable. And if these aren't meant to be used in conjunction with MDF, that should be stated plainly.

Thanks for doing this testing OP!

Heal engi is very viable. Since the rework of the med kit I've been testing it against high end pve content, sPvP and WvW (both roaming and organized zerg).

I've been successful in high end fractals, including 100cm and 99cm, in pve raids it's more complicated due to healers having other duties like giving out might which the engi can't do very well.

On spvp I've been running a healer scrapper build focusing on reverting corruption and healing, is not a great bunker because some skills don't affect you, but you get great ressing capabilities, stab and superspeed, plus plenty of poison, to grind out battles ( you keep poison on enemies and regen/heals on allies, ultimately winning the attrition battle, very vulnerable to burst damage).

On WvW lacks on some areas, it's an okay roaming partner, but in organized I wouldn't see it replacing a firebrand, it's certainly better than a druid, and about on par with a tempest in superspeed access and utility.

It doesn't need to heal more in order to be considered meta, imo. It needs to bring something else.

Maybe making scrapper share the barrier and giving out might with barrier instead of with stab, if they make it able to give consistent 25 might to allies, plus barrier, plus the heals and condi conversion, and they remove the extra damage from spirits, then engi would be meta as a healer in raids, other than that, in fractals for instance, my chroni takes care of the might, but we miss out on the extra damage buffs. On another hand, it's certainly a different style of healer, less bursty but more consistent, you never "run out of juice". And you dish nonexistant dps.

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