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Silent Scope Suggestion


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Finally started to try out the DE because the rework lured me to do so.After some tests i thought that its a shame that Silent Scope only works with riffle.I gave it some thoughts so here is my suggestion:

  • swap iron sights with silent scope
  • change silent scope to: Gain stealth after you dodge roll
  • change iron sights to: Riffle has higher crit chance when stealthed, increase overall dmg when stealthed, reduce dmg taken when not in stealth
  • renewing gaze gives endurance instead of regen

What do you think? I play rather sporadicly thief so a second opinion is welcome.

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Good ideas!

Silent Scope absolutely shouldn't be a trait where you give up something else. I'd personally place it in the position of Iron Sights, add the damage modifier to Silent Scope and increase the defensive nature of Iron Sights.

The issue with Silent Scope and its current position is that it makes Rifle considerably less useful for builds that use Paypack or Perfectionist by locking them out of Death's Judgement. As you point out, making Silent Scope work with other weapon sets would also be hugely beneficial.

I'd keep the regeneration aspect of Renewing Gaze but adding a way to increase Endurance gain seems sensible if Arenanet are insistent on sticking with needing to dodge to access Death's Judgement.

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Round the clock damage reduction with Shadow Arts.

I still want stealth on kneel back but silent scope allowing an even costly stealth for other load outs just makes sense, we should want everyone to enjoy the Malice stealth skills while they're new and fun. If dodge roll turned into a stationary Lean or something while in Kneel position so I wouldn't lose my footing I would be cool with that change and they could give a more noticeable Kneel skill bar while they're at it.

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This would push d/p way over the top in that one could stealth at will with no INI concerns leading into that Mali enhanced backstab. In a p/d condtion build the increase in kill power would be equally as dramatic. Some time ago stealth attacks were deemed not to have a cost associated with them this leading to the 1 second ICD that was added to the same. Stealth on dodge for EVERY set would be too much IMO.

Example. S/d currently has a cost associated with entering stealth via CnD and or using up a utility space. S/d restores endurance on a stealthed attack. It not that hard to build malice in the set , meaning it very much a mini DD with an added dodge and everytime you dodge and attack you get endurance back for another dodge, which another stealth . I just can not see this as being balanced.

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