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Necro minion summoning skills need cast time shortened also on dry land!

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As title says, then while roaming around on dry land and fighting champions and bosses or huge groups of mobs, the long summoning timers for minions (minion builds) become a matter of life and death, because getting all 4 minions summoned takes approx 4-5 sec, which is pretty long time in massive combat heat.Compared now to underwater combat, where summoning minions is almost insta cast, our ground based combat summoning skills each have +1 sec longer casting times.So can we maybe have also our ground based summoning skills adjusted similarly to underwater casting timers, which means losing -1 sec from each summoning skill casting time.Ty.

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@Anchoku.8142 said:Cast times seem appropriate to me for a summoned AI that is low skill dps.

Time to summon the minions doesn't really change that much, though, in most cases. You still get 30+ seconds of minion vs heavy hitting champion groups, even without training into extra minion survivability. So, if that is your concern, I'd suggest focusing separately on changes to minions.

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