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1Vs1 PvP Tournament Hosted By Cs


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Hello everyone! Trying to keep things going for Players who are looking for Fun events and Different styles of Spvp other then Conquest. I been offering different In-house tournaments for a month now and i'll like to continue to do these type of things so help me help everyone by giving me some support by joining on the fun! Down Below i'll list the basic need to know info you need for this tournament any other questions feel free to ask by commenting on the post!

The Need to Know !

1: fee -5 mystic Coin in order to join(shouldn't be much)2: Must Join The Cs Discord the day of the Event https://discord.gg/SKT7vnG3: when - Sunday 5/27/18 at 2pm eastern time, NA server4: First Place Winner takes 200g5: total spots open 25 for this event6: Winner of each matches are decided btw a series of 3(best of 3 moves forward)

All players are welcome to join in on this event just make sure to show up on time and keep things peacefully.

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Me and Some of the Admin on my team Are taking a look into a few things for the tournament.

We aren't banning chrono from the tourney however we are thinking about removing the "chaos" trait line from mesmer so they aren't "super tanky/unkillable" this should resolve a few of the issues people have against them being so.... "bunker".

A few Elites like the Moa/Rampage would most likely be removed as well. We'll have a List of things not allowed within the next few days if all goes well but whats important is that people come and give a try for such a low cost to enter/allowing yourself to have fun/try new things.

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Ban List For 1Vs1 Tournament :

No Demolisher AmuletNo Paladin AmuletNo mender amuletNo Rampage (Skill)No Sage AmuletMesmer Chaos TratLine Is BannedNo Healing MantraNo MoaNo Carrion amuletNo Iron Blood On HoloNo P/P DeadeyeNo Staff ThiefNo Condi ThiefNo Strength of the Pack

Updated list for 1vs1 tournament . Need everyone on discord After the 1pm Eastern time AT.

GL and have fun

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