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Fortune [Fame] - NA - Raids/Fractals/Dungeons/Meta Trains/Map Completion

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Fortune [Fame] is an active (NA) pve based guild.We are recruiting new and experienced players.Discord @ https://discord.gg/x32AE2f

  • Raids are lead and streamed by Nashiie.4915. Contact her if you are interested in joining our experienced raid team or if you are trying to learn raids in general.
  • Contact Trevor Boyer.6524 if you are interested in joining for fractals/dungeons/meta trains/map completion, or if you are interested in joining Fortune as a commander that helps organize guild events such as fractals/dungeons/meta trains/map completion or any other guild related activities.
  • Contact guild mm.4269 for any & all cross guild promotion business, merges, or anything trade related.

We kick players at 1 month of inactivity. Players should notify a guild lead before an extended leave of absence if they wish to not be kicked from the guild at the 1 month interval.

Our guild and discord is an 18+ environment but players should be reasonable with their behavior. Fortune members are all good mannered and don't like to tolerate problematic players.

If you are a guild member visiting our discord for the first time, please go to the "Account Verification" section at the top of the discord channel, and post your in-game account ID. Example: Bob.1234.

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I am interested in joining your guild... im into world completion now.. waiting for PoF sale to get the expansion for mounts and elite spicification.. My goal is to complete map then get all masteries in HoT and PoF.. go fractals to gear other toons that I am planning to create then go raids.. then wvwvw.. I want to help others too in the future when I have enough knowlede in the game.. thats my story and my plan.. I am currently playing necro..

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@Plagueis.9672 Around reset is when we run T4s and Tuesdays & Thursdays are raid nights. That's the peak of guild activity when people are in the discord. I do run spvp ATs throughout the day and do use the discord early morning eastern time and usually later at night eastern. Other than that, you should visit the discord and post in the public discussion section if you want to organize specific times for different content. There are usually people who will want to run other content, it just needs to be mentioned or we just don't know it's happening.

@prinzcourt.5420 We can help you out with that. I myself do a full world completion usually about once a month. Just contact one of us in-game for an invite.

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@"Ike Witt.8425" said:I went to your Discord and I don't see the "who I am" section. I am not sure how I should proceed.

Who I am section has become "Account Verification" right at the top.

@prinzcourt.5420 said:thanks!! what is your usual time of playing so I can adjust on my time zone and I can contact you in game.. thanks in advance..

Early morning eastern and primetime eastern is when I usually play the most. Just drop me an email in-game and we'll figure it out.

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