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Firebrand Mantra + Dismount Bug


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This one is a little subtle: Mantras that are on their last charge when you mount up will continue to regenerate their charges, but the ability stays as the final charge ability even past 1 charge and using the mantra will consume all charges.

To reproduce:

  • Put a mantra on your bar
  • Prepare it
  • Use two charges so that the mantra is now on the final skill in the sequence
  • Mount up
  • Wait a sufficient amount of time for the mantra to recharge one or two charges.
  • Dismount
  • Confirm that the mantra is still on the final skill and has more than one charge
  • Use it and confirm that all charges are consumed.

Here's a screenshot of my bar showing the phenomenon:https://i.imgur.com/hWCAQe9.png

This has killed me at least twice due to not having my stunbreak or heal charges. :P

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