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[NA][PVE]Shadows of the Valkyrie, Small Friendly guild lfm

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Hi, and thanks for checking out our recruitment post! Shadows of the Valkyrie is looking for some fun, interesting, and mature people to join our GW2 family!

Our guild mission is pretty simple. We hope to provide a comfortable, friendly, and helpful environment for all. A place where we can all enjoy the game without drama or elitism. We'd rather build friendships and create a fun haven rather than being meta focused. Therefore, striving to be all inclusive, open-minded, and respectful of others is paramount. I want our guild's greatness to be determined by it's community and not it's size or efficiency of content.

Our Guild

~ NA based, and mainly active evenings and weekends central time.

~ We are a small guild, looking to keep it small around 100 members.

~ PVE based with a casual to semi-casual focus.

~ Lvl 64 guild hall, Windswept Haven

~ Discord (voice is not required, however the bulk of communications will be through our discord. During group events you just need to be able to listen. You never have to talk if you don’t want to).

~ All inclusive (no judgment or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, orientation, identity, or quirkiness).

~ Drama and elitist free (we have a zero tolerance policy).

~ No guildie left behind (although we enjoy accomplishing our goals, we will never sacrifice a guildie in order to do so. We are fixated on being helpful and patient).

~ We’re open-minded and are not concerned with being ‘meta’ or doing speed runs/clears.

~ Will actively run and promote events that cover the full spectrum of PVE content (as our membership grows to accommodate).

~ No rep requirement as long as you participate with the guild. Of course, repping is a bonus.

We are looking for:

  • Respectful, mature, and open-minded individuals who want to be a part of a close knit guild.
  • Members who are active within the guild. We want ppl who will engage and be a part of the guild and not just a name on the roster. We will purge both inactive members and those that never try to be a part of the guild community.

  • Patience as we rebuild and ppl who want to help us grow and have a great community.

  • New or Vet, all are welcome.

Sound like a guild you want to be a part of? Have questions or want an invite?Contact In-game via mail at DivineBenediction.1870 or Discord at Sonia#3660

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