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Won't Somebody Please Think of the Raptors?!


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These majestic creatures long for nothing more than human/norn/asura/charr/sylvari interaction and the occasional tasty treat.

But every hour, dozens of raptors are senselessly forced to jump off cliffs because their riders are too lazy to dismount and use a glider instead. These animals are being mistreated and abandoned, used as nothing more than mattresses to cushion a deadly fall.

Please say you'll be the answer for an innocent mount that is suffering right now. A mount that needs your help. Please, call the following number on this screen, or contact an Arenanet employee on social media to speak up against raptor genocide.


Help us rescue mounts from the crushing weight of Newtonian physics. Lobby your game developers today. Demand that players be allowed to dismount and deploy a glider in midair, safe in the knowledge that their mount is equipped with its own personal glider offscreen.

This is your chance to say: "I won't sit by while a mount suffers." I beg you... think of the raptors.


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