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[PvX/WvW-FA/Raids/Fractals] BOSS is recruiting! Come join the family!

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We are active and friendly! Dungeons, fractals, PvP, world completion events, Raids, or WvW, we have a little of everything and always willing to learn and help others learn. We have weekly raid training and guild missions are often done at leisure in small guild groups. Occasional guild raffles and fun events like trivia and scavenger hunts with awesome prizes! We now have the makings of a fairly serious core raid group and are in the process of building a core WvW group.

We are very active on a Discord channel with lots of options (including a section specifically for character builds and multiple raid/fractal/WvW voice channels) and have a closed Facebook group devoted to our members to help keep everyone connected and up to date on current events. We like to think of ourselves not just as a guild but as a gaming community, many of our members have formed friendships and play other games with each other as well. Saying that, representation is NOT 100%. We want our members to WANT to rep us, not because they are forced to.

Currently, we have members of all ages with a large variety of schedules. At any time, there are many members online for easy guild gaming. Our guild hall, as of May 2018, was level 66 and still growing! Our arena is prepped and ready for practicing PvP, WvW, or team vs team skills, and our leadership is often working with people to increase skills, tweak builds, and generally improve on all sides.

In-game, shoot a message to one of our leaders to get an invite! Game on and have fun!

Guild leader: Lucerra (Lucerra.9015)Leadership: Mikey (Mikeysway.2680), Rarabouda (rarabouda.9157), Blue (PaulW.8946)good as of May 22, 2018

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