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Scrapper PvP help


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Can anyone help me on pvp scrapper?

I don't want to be healer or support, last expansion, scrapper was nice and able to face to face other classes, I can't do that anymore.Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I die to fast and I don't do dmg enough to others, I can't keep up my survival and dmg against other's massive dmg that ppl are doing on me, is just insane.

Any help or tip? Where was scrapper so nerfed that throwed it on the mud like this? Or is only me?

I have this build right now but I hate the healing role . I can't stand it . Is just not my type.I don't Wana play holosmith because I like scraper hammer skills :( .Everyone I play with it feels so much that I 'm forced to play with any other class on the game and throw this one out.


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Scrappers aren't huge damage dealers, but you should be able to pressure people down and hold points as a bruiser if you play well. (There's an issue with the host site in your build link at the moment so I couldn't see exactly what you're running, but I'm guessing it's close to what I run)

Here's my build:


(I'm not 100% sure about the rune and sigil since I'm just going from memory, but I think this is it)

When you play as a scrapper, keep in mind that you don't have a lot of gap closers or ways to pin down an enemy, so you should always aim to fight either on point or in an area where people will be forced into (like Tranquility, Stillness, the bell, etc.). Your primary goal should be to defend points or stall multiple players over actually killing people, although you will still kill people who are trying too hard to kill you in prolonged fights lol.

In combat, you should rotate through the mortar fields, blast with the elixir gun (which also leaves an area that pulses pretty good damage for a while), and use Rocket Charge (Hammer 3) inside of Thunderclap (Hammer 5) on an enemy/point to chain stuns and AOE damage.

Also keep an eye on your teammates so you can use your function gyro to res them quickly when they go down, and use your healing gyro/field along with the mortar and elixir gun healing fields and combos to keep your health up and remove conditions. Just swapping kits will also remove conditions because of the sigil of cleansing, so you can face off against scourges on point if you time your cleanses right.

I've been using only scrapper this season for PvP and am doing pretty well with it. (Currently in plat II and around #30 on the leaderboard if that matters)

If you're on NA, feel free to whisper me or send me a mail in game and I can help you practice in a custom arena or something too. :)

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