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Update 2018/05/22: a quick thank you

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Since one cannot comment within the game release notes directly, I just wanted take this opportunity and say thank you to ANet for their latest update.

This update contains so many small things that I love to see <3 or finally see fixed:

  • Updated the way some miniatures are sorted in the Hero panel so that they are grouped in a more orderly fashion. :+1: (However, I still miss a manual sort options by series etc. :-1: )
  • Fixed an issue in which some creatures in Path of Fire™ maps became invulnerable and would not drop their targets and return to their original positions. :+1:
  • Fixed an issue in which gathering tools would not properly swap between equipped slots and open shared inventory slots. :+1:
  • Bloodtide Coast: The prisoner in the "Free an Order of Whispers agent from pirates" event now properly appears in his cage. :+1:
  • The free-for-all PvP lobby arena has been expanded. Benches have been added around the map. (Benches can now be used by two people, and you can even switch positions. :+1: )
  • Swim-Speed Infusion +10: This item can now be put into storage. (However, still no storage space for the four unique flowers you can grow in your home instance exclusively. Hmph.)
  • ...plus all the skill adjustments and bug fixes to story instances, skill icons, and what not :)

The only change I did not like:

  • Reduced the rate at which Globs of Ectoplasm are salvaged from rare Elonian weaponry. :/
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