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Cross-dressing in Gw2 Idea

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@juhani.5361 said:

I see... okey, understandable sir. Sorry if I may seem too naive or too invested, I just am trying to keep a respectful trend. But I highly understand what you are saying.

No, you're fine. In fact, I wish more posters would be as respectful and professional as you have been in this thread. One poster's opinion does not make it so or true. It's their opinion. And my opinion is that you're an excellent asset and example for the community. :)

Keep fighting the good fight.

Just wanted to second this. OP, you're awesome :) You're keeping a cool head and staying one kitten of a lot more polite than I'd be if I was in your shoes.

An aside: cross-dressing charr are lorebreaking, but charr dressed as giant inflatable castles aren't? <---Saw that one charr on Reddit, and the player did an awesome job. Players "cosplay" all the time, making humans that look like Beyonce, for example, or the one Ronald McDonald clone I saw once in the Plains of Ashford. We have skeleton mount skins, players who look like they've marinated in the remains of Three Mile Island, and tiny pixel-graphic minis. A coherent game full of lore-abiding players, GW2 isn't. And that's both glorious and horrifying all at once ;)

TBH, I don't think I'd even notice a cross-dressing player. And if I did, and they did a good job, I'd enjoy the sight.

Thank you, I do try my best to be respectful, but I guess I must assept by the commenter above that I might be a bit too deffensive, I am hoping I can still try to be as respectful as possible and improve. Also thank you for commenting!

It's natural to be defensive when people are insulting your very existence. I'm not sure if that particular person was doing it, but I've seen a few...er... uncomfortable comments in this thread. Like I said, you're being a lot kinder than I'd be in your shoes.
big hugs

I assume you are talking about my post that was reported and removed for speaking actual facts?

I understand people do this kinda thing. As a straight born real male yes I'll admit I have 0 idea idea what's so ever what others might feel inside.

But this is a video game, game designers build races, and genders. True the races do not fit in the real world, but the genders do. They design males to look like males and females to look like females. Keep in mind most female characters in games are actually males who like the look of the females. But bringing female armor that shows off so much skin on a male would look incredibly weird to the majority of the player base. I never would log in again or have bought the game if this kind of stuff was allowed in a video game.

I understand you and others may be comfortable with this kind of thing at home or going out or wherever and whenever. But a larger percent of people are against it, so why bring it into a video game that would bother others? A video game should just be a video game and that's that. I didn't mean to offend anyone personally your life is your life so be it. But in an mmo playing with everyone keep in mind this is some game breaking design that people can't agree with as a whole. Please do enjoy your life entirely but please don't try to change video games as they have meant to be.

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I believe others have pointed out that it would be extremely time consuming -- and that time loss would impact other elements of the game -- to implement this feature.

It seems pretty clear that everybody's had a chance to say their fill, so let's call this done and dusted.

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