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Team Envious [NV] is now recruiting WvW players!

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Team Envious [NV] is a fresh guild now recruiting officers and soldiers for WvW! We are mainly based in OCEANIC, however this is not a requirement just preferred. The guild is brand new and is based in Sea of Sorrows server. Whether you are a returning guild wars player or existing it doesn't matter. SoS definitely has vacancy in the server, so even if you are someone who wants to play more wvw and your server isn't big on it or great when it comes to wvw then SoS and NV is the place for you! Bring your friends, even guildies if you are apart of a small guild then that's fine! Then we can discuss a merge! SoS believe it or not is lacking a bigger presence in WvW, hopefully NV can become well known and respected in the SoS community. So mainly I am directing this at people that are not yet in this server to help grow the WvW presence.

Not only does NV need soldiers but we will also be needing officers, players who are willing to lead! To qualify for this you must be a mixture of a few things, respectful, confident, have commander tag, trustworthy & have a willingness to help the guild grow and gain a good rep. You will most definitely need a mic for this role! However, soldiers are not required to have one, it definitely is preferred but as long as you can listen during raids this is fine.

If you wish to become a member join our discord and introduce yourself there. - https://discord.gg/yhmaFxnTo become a member, we only wish that you follow these rules;

  1. Always be respectful, to guildies and anyone outside the guild. We won't tolerate members giving NV bad rep.
  2. Rep during WvW raids. 100% rep is not required but please rep whenever you possible can in WvW. You can do whatever you want PvE.
  3. Have fun! As much as raids will be serious to some extent, raids should still be enjoyable.
  4. Help us recruit players that fit all of this criteria.

Please utilise our discord if you have any questions or wish to join. I will check this discussion board very rarely so the discord is much better.

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Just another note on this. I would love to build this guild as a multicultural one. NA, EU, OCEANIC, etc. SoS needs a guild that can cover more time zones. If you are honestly interested in helping me run the guild I am also opening a few spots for leaders. I am thinking leaders from different regions, players who can run big recruitment drives and lead at the different times throughout the day.

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