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SMS - authentification problem

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Excuse me if this has is the wrong place to post it but I've been waiting for a response from the german support since last week monday.

Basically, my old number expired march this year and I've since updated to a newer number. I forgot to update my sms authentification and now have trouble logging in if I get an IP-address that has not been approved, since I can't get any authentification SMS.

I messaged support but there's been no response and I'm sadly not able to find out how I'm supposed to forward an ticket to GaileGray.

Would love if someone here could help me out.

Edit: Support has helped me out :) Thanks alot!

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I don't know how editing here works so I'll update the post.

I have provided my HoT key as well as my PoF key (I have both boxes here available) and added multiple characters to help them identify that it's actually me a day after I created the support ticket.

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