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Festival Vendor Location and Rewards?

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Using the Wardrobe at the Bank, I determined that the Lunatic Noble Pants were the best fit for my new medium armor mix-n-match look. Problem: when I WIKIed it, I discovered that they were a CRAFTED armor piece. I don't do crafting.

So I used an online help tool, and I (relatively quick and easily) developed a level 400 crafter. Then I bought the ingredients for my Lunatic Noble Pants on the TP and proceeded to try to "Discover" the recipe. No luck... my most expensive ingredient - the Lunatic Gossamer Insignia - doesn't event appear.

Someone suggested that I need to BUY or EARN the recipe; that I can't just "discover" it for some reason. (Can anyone confirm that?) I can't earn it, because it is a Halloween-themed piece, and Halloween is still 5 months away.

So I am looking to BUY a Lunatic Noble Pants recipe. I have plenty of Corn Cobs, but the LA Festival Merchant barely has any Halloween merchandise. Are there more Festival Merchants in the world that may have the recipe? Or Karma Merchants, perhaps?

As of this moment, the WIKI appears to be down for maintenance. And most of my Google results reference the WIKI.

Thoughts, anyone? Or does somebody have one they'd care to sell me?

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You can view the cached pages if you google search the URL with “cache:” before it.

I think those were recipes only available during Halloween. We got one set by doing the achievements and we had to purchase the recipes for the rest.

Edit: Just found a link about them.


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