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Raptor mount on low lvl chars tail spin does 8k+ damage

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On low lvl characters my raptor mount very often is bugged and does 8000-14000 damage with tail spin, 1 shotting every event and veteran mob etc.Create or log into a low lvl char and use raptor mount, sometimes it scales the damage properly.

How to reproduce:

Relog/change map till your raptor mount attack displays high damage numbers and that damage will stay for the reminder of that gameplay/map instance.

Maps tested on:

QueensdaleWayfarer foothillsSnowden drifts

i have also seen other players 1 shot stuff with their raptors, so its not a local bug.

So far on max lvl chars the bug does not exist, when they go to low lvl mapsDon't have other mounts unlocked so no idea if they affected too.

Very very very abusable bug, even from Champion mobs in Snowden it deals ~30% of damage.

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