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Racial Mounts/Skins

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A number of people want new mounts/skins. We have racial armor, why not racial mounts?

Asura raptor -- GolemCharr rapter -- charr carHuman griffon -- wyvernNorn griffon -- snow owljackal -- kveldvulfSylvari jackal -- fern hound

Of course there are numerous other examples you could use, but these are just a few examples.

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Asura Golem would be Springer.... or had a Golem for each type. If it were a whole series, then it would be a Cubic golem in different shape configurations.

But the real question is which race would have the best idea for a Skimmer? Or if any of them had an idea for a Skimmer

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I'm personally also for racial mounts, but those should definetely be ingame rewards as skins and not gemstore ones ... as part of somethign doable with the various races in the lw content.

Human Racial MountsRaptor > KirinGryphon > WyvernSpringer > Something new created, like a different form of more agile looking different styled Raptor that can jump high instead of wide.Skimmer > Sand SharksJackal > Mist Wolf

Asuran Racial Mounts/Mounting TechnologiesRaptor > Golem Exosuit AlphaGryphon > Golem Exosuit DeltaSpringer > Golem Exosuit OmegaSkimmer > Asura-Hoverboard (Golem Exosuit Sigma)Jackal > Golem Exosuit Beta

Brief said, Asuras would get for reach task different styled transformable Golem-Exosuits kind of Transformers Style

Norn Racial Mounts/ Mounting Spiritual Avatars

Norn would have just the unique ability to transform themself into their Mount verisons through becoming one with Animal Spirits

Raptor > Snow Leopard-AvatarGryphon > Raven AvatarSpringer > Rabbit AvatarSkimmer > Dolphin AvatarJackal > Wolf Avatar

Sylvari would have plantbased Mounts, here i run out of ideas and can agree only with the Fernhound/Thornwolf.

Raptor > Something new createdGryphon > Something new createdSpringer > Something new createdSkimmer > Something new createdJackal > Fernhound or Thornwolf like in one of their Concept Arts

Charr would have Mounts based on their war technology based on unintelligent vehicles and mechanics, unlike Asuras who have with their superior technology their Golems with an own AI.

Raptor > Charr BikeGryphon > Charr CopterSpringer > Charr HopperSkimmer > Charr GliderJackal > Charr Jumper

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