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(Eu) [Music] Concert using ingame instruments

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Tired of hearing the same soundtracks over and over again? You are invited to join us on Saturday the 26th at Ministers Waypoint, Divinity's Reach!

What can you expect?

The music event is organised by three [Cmaj] members who will play together using various ingame instruments (no macros, all music is played manually). The Concert will start at 18:00 CEST and will last about 3 hours. We will also offer a Song Quiz with prices worth 5 – 15g and a Song Improvisation by the community – Don't miss out on the Screenshot and the Afterparty at the End! To join the right map, use /squadjoin Ceann Faoiltiarna.The full concert also will be recorded from Retnysat on Twitch for all of those who want to watch it later~

We hope you will have a great time, see you there!

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