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Winterberries: Consume-all rolls once for whole bunch

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This isn't really a "bug" as such but it's something that I've noticed what I think isn't really fair. So when you "Consume all" winterberries it seems that it rolls for one number in the 15-30 UM range and then multiplies it by the berry count. One would assume "Consume all" to be equal to clicking through all the berries, but it is not, it is more RNG the way it currently seems to be. It's like (a bad analogue that should illustrate the problem) crafting clovers with a button that's "Forge this recipe 200 times" and getting the first roll times 200. So you get either 200 clovers or 0 clovers. No inbetweens.Of course this could be the case with other such consumables in which case I'd say these would also have to be changed to roll for each of the consumables in the consume all stack.

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