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New item scroll list above minimap: sometimes freezes

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Okay this is an issue that really requires more information as I'm just throwing this here without any concrete info to back it up. Sometimes the new item list above the minimap freezes and doesn't clear up. Fairly sure a loading screen fixes it, but there are few things I'm not that sure about:1) do new items unfreeze the item list? (Think that's a no)2) do new items actually gradually get deleted from the item list? (Has to do with more items in item list = getting new items gives you lag)Anyone who also has experienced it feel free to pitch in. I'll try to update this post if I experience it again.

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Happened again while picking up some hundreds of items from TP and doing some crafting (didn't notice exactly when it begun), new items don't unfreeze it and I'm quite sure new items don't eventually get deleted from the list. I crafted some 8k mithril ingots and game sure feels like they are all in the new item list (general low fps). Under normal circumstances they would disappear from the list as fast as they would get crafted, but currently they're all stuck there. https://i.imgur.com/XZlj3hg.jpg And that's what the list looks like. When we're at the scrolling item list and problems, would be nice to have an option to totally disable it in order to not get any lag from a lot of items being in the "scroll towards the minimap and then disappear" queue. It's only for visual reasons anyways.

EDIT: happened again again, from picking up items from Black Lion Trading Company. The TP box was "full" (100 items), my inventory was also almost full (picking items up made it full), inventory probably had stacks of items that got additional items from looting the TP box.

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