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Rev Swiftness Boon Dropping in PVP now even more then before

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Rev swiftness is almost not working at all now, it was some what bugged, now it drops from both facets, either or, it does not keep running, ya have to spend the spells and respend for run boons, and it just drops in 3 secs or less.. Over and over, its supposed to run permanent if you have the facet on, and facet of nature should extend it and its not also... Its so bugged out and it is actually getting worse, it kinda worked right since patch, Now it does not work at all..

In PVP while inside the gate, before it opens, use swiftness right before gate opens and it drops in 3 secs, its not supposed to... It then would work after the match started and the intial fail, Now it drops every single time and does not stay on like its supposed to...

Does anyone ever reply to these bugs? Ive sent bug reports like 15 times and no one is replying at all?Is anything being done? The disadvantage with run speed broken is really rough...

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