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Can I Re-Access the Privacy Pop Up in the Launcher?

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I was a little surprised by that pop up just now. I took my time to follow and read the links on the Agreement and Privacy Policy, then returned to click that I accepted. At the last moment I realized I hadn't checked the box that I do want to receive emails and such from you guys. I normally leave those toggled off for most companies but I like getting ANet info as it is not intrusive or constant and sometimes contains things relevant to me.

I'd like to check that box or otherwise make it clear that I'm fine (for once) with getting extra emails from you. I didn't see any obvious way on my account page or on the launcher to do it. Any suggestions?

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Sadly no, I'm a one-account woman in GW2. I'll see if ANet has any direction for me, perhaps contact CS. Meanwhile I pay enough attention to the forum and the news feed that I'm unlikely to miss anything important, it's just nice to get the occasional reminder note. Which is bizarre for me, normally I make feline sure to disable all the ad spam I can. I just ... like the ANet stuff.

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